How We Began

PCDC was created by a few leaders of the Information Assurance branch of SPAWAR to help students better understand the challenges of the IT field. PCDC is here on the principle of helping students develop their computer technical skills in networking and cyber-security for exciting careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)!


PCDC can be found on Facebook and Twitter! We will be constantly updating our social network pages so make sure to follow us on them! You can also use the Contact page above and fill out the form if you have any questions.


Several documents are available for download. Please make sure you acquire the documents you need and submit them! You can find all the documents you need in the Documents link above!

PCDC Documents

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2018 PCDC Enterprise Meeting (ppt) PowerPoint for the April 11, 2018 Enterprise Meeting 13 MB download
2018 PCDC Prep Guide (pdf) Preparation Guide for the 2018 PCDC participating teams 1.5 MB download
2018 PCDC White List (html) Network White List for PCDC 2018 5 KB view
2018 PCFC Poster (pdf) 2018 Palmetto Cyber Forensics Competition Flyer 146 KB download
2018 PCDC Blue Team Diagram (pdf) Blue Team Network Diagram for PCDC 2018 455 KB download
2018 PCDC Schedule Detailed schedule for the 2018 PCDC event 440 KB download
2018 PCDC Registration Packet (docx) Registration/Consent forms for 2018 PCDC participating teams 73 KB download